Friday, February 25, 2011

less than 50 days to go

I think I say this in every blog, but I'm so bad at remembering to blog.
I have like 6 weeks to go and it can't go by any slower. I'm so ready to just have the baby already. I want to hold her and love her, I even want to change her diaper!!! I know weird. But I just ordered some super cute cloth diapers and I can't wait to use them.
That's right Mitchel and I cloth diaper. We started out cloth diapering Brighton, but the daycare he went to didn't allow them so we used disposables, but when I lost my job and put ourselves on a strict budget, it was either food or diapers, so we went back to only cloth diapers. I think Brighton was about 19 months. Let me tell you, it saved us soooo much money. There were some weeks that we had no money left over after bills. This may have potty trained Brighton sooner, but having the cloth diapers just made everything easier. I also hit a lucky break when a cloth diaper retailer was running a promotion for store credit and I was able to get 6 more cloth diapers for free!
Cloth diapering will also save us money for the new baby too because I won't need to buy diapers. Yes, Yes, I did buy diapers for her, but all of Brighton's diapers were blue and green and I wanted a few girly looking ones. One of my favorite diaper makers Nifty Nappy went out of business at the begining of February so I hurried up and bought some from her. Plus, I didn't start full time diapering Brighton until he was 19 months and he didn't go through as many diapers as a newborn will. So I did need to add to my stash. But, spending $100 for some diapers is nothing compared to spending $2000+ on disposables.

I also loved wearing Brighton around in a sling and I'm looking forward to carrying this little one around too. I think it will be essential seeing as I'll have a busy 3 year old running around. I have 2 ring slings, a pouch sling, I made a moby style wrap, and I just got a mei tai wrap on ebay! I know, that's alot of slings for jsut one baby, but I only had the ring slings with Brighton and I wanted to try other slings to see which was more comforable.

Anyway. I can't wait for baby girl to get here.
Brighton's moving right along. He's regonizing most of his colors. He counts (not always in order), he can say his ABC's and he's getting more imaginative with his playing. Today he was giving his cars voices. He mainly just repeats things he's heard Mitchel or me say, or something he's heard on tv. Today one car apologized to the other for knocking him off the table. It was too cute. He loves to pretend he's an animal. Usually it's a dog or a T-rex.
We've been thinking of sending him to preschool or headstart this fall. Mainly just for some social interaction. I think he gets tired of me sometimes and could use some peer to peer playtime. He is a super social child and thrives on personal interactions.

Here's a super cute picture from our family photo shoot back in June 2010. My friend Beki's a photographer. If you are in Kansas or Missouri, give her a call. Her website is