Wednesday, March 9, 2011

35 days

Actually today is 34 days left. But yesterday I turned 35 weeks pregnant and I had 35 days left or 5 weeks left. I like saying the days I have left now better than weeks. it seems shorter.

Brighton and I have been trying to get outside and play, but it's been too cold. Nice blue sunny skies, but stinkin' cold wind and air.
I think we've gotten everything ready for little girl's arrival. We decided to skip the crib this time and go with the bassinet I got for *FREE*.  We're going to put our house back on the market next week and one thing our realtor said was to make the rooms feel bigger than they are. And since she will be staying in our room for awhile, the crib just seemed too big to set up again.
Her clothing is all put away, diapers are mostly clean (brighton still needs one at night sometimes). I have more coming soon that will be used only on her. When she comes I'll be doing diaper laundry regularly again and I'll keep Brighton in 2-3 diapers only as not to get them all confused with who's using which diaper.

Well, Mitchel's been doing well, but Brighton and I seem to be in some kind of sickness cycle. He had croup, then it turned into a cold, which he then gave to me. I ended up with a sinus infection and now he's not feeling well again. I'm praying everything will clear out of hear in the next few weeks! I hate being sick, and I hate seeing my little man sick.
Otherwise Brighton's doing great. I think he's getting excited to see his little sister. He talks about her alot and is even talking to my belly sometimes. I don't think he quite gets the concept yet, but I'm hoping he'll adapt well (which he usually does)

This picture thing still isn't working for me. I'll try to do pictures again soon