Monday, December 1, 2008

Where are you goi?

Where are you going little b? That is the # 1 question Mitchel and I ask nowadays. Where is Little B crawling to now? Probably somewhere to do something he's not suppose to do. Right now he is chewing on the remote. Don't worry I took the battery out so I can still watch my
I just can not believe how far he is progressing. In like a 3 week time period he decided to sit up completely, crawl across the room and start pulling up on the couch, me, or anything taller than him. Actually it doesn't have to be taller than him. He'll get push his little booty in the air with his hands on some thing low.
He also is getting a tooth. It's barely cutting through but I can feel it so he puts everything in his mouth. anyway. This will probably get more exciting soon, I'm just getting into the blogging thing. We'll see what happens next.

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