Monday, November 9, 2009

So I never get on here to post but here is a new post about what's new in my life

Mitchel and I currently are trying to sell our house and move closer to where we work to cut down on driving time so we can see each other more often and see Brighton more because I miss him desperatly during the day.
So for now we are living with my father in law which is growing increasingly frustrating each day we are there so please pray that we sell our house soon!
Brighton was sick this last weekend so no one got much sleep. i feel bad for the little guy because he's so tired to but he's so congested and chokes on his snot and coughs. We sent him to daycare because he didn't have a fever. If he's not better tonight when i pick him up i'll call the doctor again.
ok i'm too tired to keep typing. i'm glad this weekend is over and hopefully next weekend will be better

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