Thursday, May 20, 2010

Long time, no post, really busy

Wow. So I have been super busy lately and haven't blogged on my own blog for a long time. This one will be short because I'm not at my own computer to post pictures.
Brighton had his second birthday party! Yay. He's growing up so fast! It rained the whole time, but we were under a little gazebo in the park with lots of trees around so we stayed dry.
I've started working again. Very very part time. I manage a blog, facebook, and twitter account for a local baby boutique here in Newton. is the new blog is the website for the store (they have a store in Manhattan too!). It's been a fun adventure so far.

And I've also started working with my friend Beki and her jewelry business. She has been getting alot of orders lately and was a little overwhelmed for mother's day so I popped over and helped her out and she pays me a little to help. to check out her shop and photography business.

I love her jewelry and want it all to wear! And she has taken some amazing pictures of Brighton. They are my favorites. If you follow me on facebook the album is Pumpkin Patch and Friday and Beki's. and I think my profile picture on this blog is also one she took.

We are also still trying to sell our house. We've had 3 showings in the last few weeks so hopefully something will happen soon!

That's all for now. More to come with pictures

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