Sunday, May 9, 2010

God Provides

I am living this lesson everyday and I am so amazed how blessed I am lately.
We recently moved back to Newton after trying unsuccessfully to sell our house and living with my father in law. Our budget has been super tight lately. I was let go from my job at the clinic but I do collect unemployment. Mitchel is taking on another job because he agrees that it's important for me to stay home with Brighton. But it has been taking forever to get everything going so he can start. It just seems like if it's not one hang up it's another. But he'll get there eventually.

So it was kind of a bummer for us to move back because of expenses, but also because I'd just started to make some friends at church and I'd joined a mother's group bible study. I thought I'd still be able to go, but it just never worked out right for me to go. So I was just sitting at home doing nothing. Then my friend Beki posted that she needed help with something (i can't remember) so I offered to come over and help. And I've gone over to her house a couple times a week to help her clean and with her jewelry business. She has generously offered to pay me so I've gained a friend and a little extra income to hold us over until Mitchel starts his job.

I also have been back in touch with my friend Trenna and randomly mentioned one day at the park that I forgot to get milk and had no more money in our budget for it. So she took me to the store and bought me some milk. And about a week later, she paid for my groceries. She is so unbelievably generous and kind. She reminds me everyday about the love of God and how he provides.

And I can't forget Amie. She invited me to her son's school field day and I spent 3 hours out there. They even bought me a hotdog! lol. We went to a city wide yard sale and offered to buy me what ever I wanted (with in reason...) when I told her I'd left my wallet in the other car. She did buy Brighton a shirt and some shoes and lunch! Amie also invited me to the park for a play date with Trenna and a few other friends and made me cupcakes as a suprise for my birthday. It was really special.

I have felt the love of God through these ladies. I have truely found some amazing friends.
I count them among the blessing the Lord has given me in the last few weeks and I hope to recipricate their generosity in every way I can.

I send up a prayer that these ladies will also be blessed and thank for the love they have so graciously bestowed on me.



Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Thank you!! You're so nice.

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

God does provide! How amazing to have such generous people who are willing to help in your life!