Sunday, January 16, 2011

halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, snow

 I told you i'd do a picture blog soon. Here are a bunch of pictures from the past few months.
This one is of Brighton at our local botanical gardens in his halloween costume. He was a super hero!

I threw a bunch of leaves at him after he'd been throwing them at me. I had good timing on this one!

See, he threw them too!

 Here's one at christmas in front of our tree. He was into taking pictures that night for some reason. they turned out really good!

 2 seconds after the flash he threw santa at me. Oh well, I got the shot

We got our first snow fall in January. He had so much fun playing in it

 This is our neighbor Tyson. He's about a year younger than Brighton. They were actually sitting in the street.

This is from thanksgiving. We went to Arizona and this was at a replica of an abandoned mining town.

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