Monday, January 25, 2010

home made cleaning products

So I recently made home made laundry soap and I love it! It workd really well! My cloths smell great and feel good too. I do have to run the cloth diapers through twice sometimes though but other wise I'm really satisfied. Sometimes I go around the house looking for clothes to wash just so I can use it.

So I'm going to try to make more home made cleaning products and let you know how they work. It kind of goes along with my new years resolution and blog resolution to live greener and on a budget. The laundry soap will definatly save us money!

I also made some cloth wipes last night and wipe solution. I haven'ts used them yet so I'll save that for the next blog.

I was thinking about cleaning with something besides like bleach or a commercial cleaning product and in my mind i think that they won't work as well, but i've done some research and we don't have to spend 3 dollars of spray bleach. I can use vinegar and lemon juice and it does the same thing. Disinfects and cleans. And it smells better than bleach and I don't have to worry if Brighton licks it. It may still be harm full if he drinks it, but not as harmful as bleach. And this coming from the girl who couldn't live with out clorox wipes. Maybe I could make clorox wipes like I do cloth baby wipes!

Hmm...i'm excited about this!

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Annie said...

I love using vinegar and lemon juice - I think it smells great and works really well!
Congrats on making your own laundry soap!