Sunday, January 24, 2010

mini vent

Do people actually know things or do they just say random things on a subject because they think they know.
For example: I made a comment on facebook that I was making cloth wipes to save some money, and someone commented back that I probably wouldnt be saving money because of all the laundry i'd be doing. would two or three wipes going to make my laundry more? Hmmm.

I do cloth diaper my son and I love it. Now that I'm unemployed I do it full time. I finally ran out of disposable diapers so I pretty much have no choice. I do need to get a few more diapers because I'm constantly washing them (tax money comes in handy!) and now I'm making my own wipse so I don't have to buy wipes anymore. I know it's only like 5 dollars every few weeks but still and this way I won't have to separate out the wipes and the diaper and risk flushing the yucky poopy wipes down the toilet.

Anyway. Don't dog it till you try it is what I say. I'm excited to try out my cloth wipes and to possibly get some new cloth diapers in the near future. I know the healthy baby boutique has some cute ones I want to try!

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