Monday, January 4, 2010


Mitchel and I decided to modify the Daniel fast. We weren't sure (or I wasn't) if I could keep up with the cooking. Our first few meals took alot of time preparing and chopping and cooking. And with both of us working full time, it just wouldn't have worked. I would have had to miss out on family time and totally ignore my little man. So we decided to keep with the more simple recipes and keep with our more concervative recipes that we eat all the time. We are going to try to keep out the sugars, white flour, and white rice. No more soda, candy, chips and the like. We are going to use the cloth diapers unless Brighton's heading to daycare. And we are going to buy used when we can (even though i just bought new pants, but they were way on sale...). And we are going to be reading our bible more. I've already gotten through most of Daniel. I thought I'd start there because we were doing the Daniel fast. Starting in Daniel was better than starting in You can get burnt out in Genesis soemtimes. But Daniel was great. And I really want to get through Isaiah. I've never read through the whole Bible, but I've listened to it on my ipod all the way through.

Anyway. I'm not doing so well on blogging, but we were spending time together over the long weekends. We are also trying to spend more time together as a family now that Mitchel is done with school. It's been great so far!


Annie said...

I believe God is really going to bless you as you change your life to serve him better! It is so hard to do (boy do I know!) but you will see rewards!

Heather said...

we already have seen blessings. It is really hard to stick to a fast but I know i need to to challenge myself