Monday, February 15, 2010

what to do...

What do you feed your toddler when both parents are ill, and still make it somewhat healthy? I don't know but we had frozen chicken nuggets and one pear left so that's what he ate.

I hate being sick, but i suck it up because I have to take care of little b. It's worse when Mitchel's sick, because I have to take care of him In his defense, he is really sick too. He can't breathe through his nose and he's been sleeping on the recliner for the past few nights so that he can be upright and so that I can get some sleep (he's snoring really bad). But i still haven't gotten much sleep because Brighton is coughing again. Oh well.

So anyway. I hope this house gets better soon. I think i'm going to brave the elements and go to the YMCA tomorrow. I haven't been for awhile and I really need to go!

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Annie said...

I hope you all get feeling better soon. That is so rough. Sounds like you fed him really well - protien and fruit!

I swear, a mother is not allowed to get sick is she? When I got sick awhile ago I was miserable, mostly cause the house kept getting messier and kids were not getting fed :(