Friday, February 26, 2010

Brighton's wool diaper cover adventure

I have never made something out of something else...does that make sense? Today I made a wool diaper cover out of a goodwill find, a ladies wool suit jacket. it was definatly a challenge. First I had to take apart the jacket and I discovered that there was some iron on interfacing on the inside of the wool. I didn't know what to do so I moved on the ripping open the 2nd jacket i purchased, no iron on interfacing there. So I cut out the pattern. for some reason I'm not getting the measurements correct even though i trace them exactly like the pattern is. So i ended up making the cover too small. It would fit him if he didnt have to wear a diaper underneath! lol. that wouldnt be good. But I'm going to keep it because it's stinkin' cute! ok here are the pictures

since i don't know what order they are posted in; one is a picture of the taken apart jacket, one is of the finished cover, and one is of them on him.

i will be trying this again with another jacket. I will go back to goodwill to pick through some more wool soon!

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