Monday, March 1, 2010

what do you do?

Brighton has not been feeling well for the past, like, 4 days. He's been extremely fussy, hasn't been sleeping well, and just a real grump. He is getting teeth in, but he has been really needy too. He always wants hugs and kisses and wants to be held. Yay! but it can be too much sometimes. I have been frustrated with him, but he doesn't really know any better. He's telling me what he needs the best way he knows how.

So I have two ring slings that go over one shoulder and they were great when he was little, like a new born, but now that he weighs 25 pounds the ring sling doesn't distribute his weight well anymore. I looked into other options for slings but they are just too expensive right now. Enter free box of fabric! I got a free box of fabric and it had this really long piece of blue polyester fabric. Kind of ugly and not the ideal fabric for a sling, but it was free and it was plenty long enough for me to make a wrap. So i did. It's close to a moby wrap.

I don't know why I didn't think to put him in the sling sooner. He loves being in the sling and he was totally quiet and content, and I wasn't breaking my back trying to hold him. I could move around easily and I was meeting his needs.

So if you have a clingy baby wrap them up in wrap or a sling. Its so much easier to hug and love on them and still get around the house or where ever you are.

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Annie said...

I have a moby but they are way too stretchy for 25 pound toddlers and begin to sag after awhile. I am so glad you got that free fabric! It makes a lovely colored wrap! When you come down on Thursday I'll let you look at my Mei Tai, and try it on with Brighton to see if you like it. If you do then I know there are tutorials and patterns online for how to make them.

See ya soon!