Sunday, March 7, 2010

craigslist...not cool people

Wow, So I thought I'd sell some items of craigslist to make some extra money to get a new sewing machine. Yeah...people expect to get something for nothing. I was trying to sell two accustic guitar for $75 each. You'd think I was stealing from them! I got hounded with so many pointless questions. I didn't think it mattered so much what the make and model was. I would just be happy to be finding one for that price. I finally relisted them for $60 for the pair because I felt so bad about pricing them so high. Oh well. They sold so I have $60 dollars.

I also sold a digital camera for $30 because it was alittle banged up and i'd had it for three years. One person emailed me asking what was wrong with it and that I should sell broken wasn't broken! I nice girl bought it who didn't ask me a million questions!

And, now i get spam like nothing else.

Anyway. It is kinda worth it to get a little extra money i guess

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