Thursday, March 18, 2010

30 days of thirsties giveaway

So who wouldn't want to try a thirsties cloth diaper. The name says it all. Night time is the worse time for little B and diapers. I over stuff and layer so he'll stay dry. He also goes through drinking spurt where he'll drink gallons of milk and water a day so I need extra thirsty diapers to soak all that up!
I have heard some may grea things about thirsty diapers. They have fitted diapers and a new diaper called the duo which has two sizes with adjustable rises. I love all in one diapers and if they fit little B for a long time that's great. I'm totally signing up to win one here

actaully this is what you win!
FIVE Duo Diapers in your choice of size (which offer the same ease of use as disposables. Dads love them; great for everyday, overnights and travel)
- two packs of Fab Wipes in your choice of colors (to wipe away the mess)
- the Thirsties Prewash and Super Wash (for washing the diapers)
- a 4oz and a 8 oz Booty Luster (for tiny bottoms)

5 diapers! man! how generous are they. I hope I win. I really want to try these diapers!

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Annie said...

Even though they are my least favorite diaper for many reasons they have been well loved by lots of people, so they aren't bad LOL Good luck!

I left an easter basket on my blog for you :)