Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have 18 followers!! this morning I had 14. Yay! Maybe when I hit 20 I'll do something specail...or not since i don't know what to do...

Thank you everyone who follows me. I do have so exciting blogs coming up. I'm reading an amazing book called CrazyLove by Francis Chan and everyone should read it.
I have a couple cloth diaper blogs on hold until i can sit down and finish them. And I'm really behind on my recipes.

This isn't a blog dedicated to any one topic. It's a blog about me and my little B (who's not so little anymore) with alittle of my husband thrown in for good measure. I try to write about what I love and what i know. I'm honest in everything.
If you'd like me to write about something or research something for you I will. I love getting feed back. Send me an email anytime

heatherd0584 at yahoo dot com <- i guess you do it this way so you don't get spam...

Thank you all!

Heather and B

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My Life As Mom said...

Sounds wonderful and congrats on the 19 (now) followers! I'm one!

I found you on KnickerNappies facebook page.