Tuesday, December 22, 2009

after bath time

It's after bath time because I didn't think 'bath time' pictures would be appropriate. I didn't want the nudity police after me.

So usually Brighton chucks his towel after bath time because he hates it! But today he wanted his towel back after he was dry. So I gave it to him and he paraded around the house in it like a cape. It made me feel good because I bought that towel for him. I guess I think everything I buy for him is specail because so much was given to my by wonderful friends. It was just so cute to watch him wrap himself up in is towel that mommy bought for him.

And I decided to put his super cute dr. suess diaper on him tonight. He wouldn't stay still enough to take good pictures, but I got a few. I love that diaper. I just wish I'd gotten a medium because the large is a little big.

So here are some pictures of after bath time, actually they are up top because I don't know why

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