Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So i'm new to blogging for the most part. I blogged once and a while on myspace (deleted that) and i started this blog last year and i'm just now starting to post on it. I must say that I do love blogging and want to do more with it. I look at other blogs that have give aways and they do product reviews and all kinds of stuff. I have a great friend Annie who has helped me tramendously with getting my blog started and i learn more each day. I hope my blogs will get more interesting in the next few months.

I watched Julie and Julia a few nights ago and was kind of inspired (probably alot of people were) and I want to do something similar. Do something and blog about it, but i don't know what to do! my dad bought me 365 days of cookies a few years ago, but i don't think i want to bake. I don't want that temptation! I'm trying to loose weight! I want to incorperate Brighton if I can. Maybe i could do some crafts with him and just post about it. He needs to be more crafty i think.
I enjoy making purses but it takes me along time to make them sometimes. Although i did make one in 45 minutes one time, but it was really basic and i didn't use a pattern or anything. I want to make more unique looking ones because the one i make is pretty basic. I guess i could just make a pattern up my self. But then there's the problem of Brighton. He wants to help and be in the middle of my work and i use sharp pins and rotary cutter! hmm...I have two weeks till the new year so I'll have to do somethinking.
Ok 4 followers! give me some ideas


Annie said...

I love the idea of you blogging about your purse making. You could set him up with his own arts and crafts while you do your purse making a tiny bit at a time. And the more you do the better you will get at it. I sure find it interesting and inspiring to read and look at other people's creations. I am not nearly as creative as you are :)

Thank you for grabbing my button - I see you figured out how to put it on your blog YAY!!

Heather said...

yeah...i just kinda looked around your blog one day and figured some stuff out.

Anonymous said...

SWEET blog look! I have been trying to read about HTML and get ready to update Ruby's for winter...but I can't change the image for the background...your friend is a blessing to you!

Truly, anyone talking about kids and sewing and fitting the two in the same house are MY HEROINS! I love you much!

Will leave you a comment as soon as our sewing date for Jan is set! You can post your beuatiful things for us to be inspired! God gives us skill and talent for not only our own sanity, but others' too! And His glory, of course...REMEMBER our midnight sewing skirt wanna-be attempt a few years ago?! Sign me up for an all-nighter anyday!---Trenna

Heather said...

thanks trenna...hey I'm up for an all nighter any day too! I'm excited for the sewing day...what will we make. just anything? i have a couple projects i need to start