Sunday, December 20, 2009

cloth diapers

So i'm really glad I made the decision to use cloth diapers! Even though I don't use them all the time, they have really saved us this year. Like everyone we've had some money issues and sometimes we haven't been able to buy disposable diapers (I wouldn't at all if my daycare would have done cloth). But just know that I have something to put on his but besides a towel is a life saver. Now if I'd just get my butt in gear and make some cloth wipes I wouldn't have to use paper towels when we run out of wipes!! Plus if i had cloth wipes I wouldn't have to throw away the yucky poopy wipes and get poop on my hands. Anyway. I love my cloth diapers. I don't think Brighton cares either way except when he's trying to get away and still have to get the cover on. that's why i hope to get a couple more all in ones. I know he'll be out of diapers soon, but some day we'll have another one...

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Annie said...

Hooray for cloth diapers :)
I love my cloth dipes too and for the same reasons. With money super tight I am so glad I don't have to spend $50 a month on disposable diapers. What a relief!