Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Party

There is supposed to be a video. if there's not...i'm sorry but it's really cute. I'll get it up on facebook.

We went to my office Christmas party tonight. It was great fun! It was just for the Urology department. We had a potluck dinner, which I forgot to bring food to and a white elephant gift exchange. I brought a two tear serving dish that was probably a wedding gift to for my inlaws, but Dennis said I could have it. And I walked away with a neat photo frame (that I probably should have taken a picture of).

Anyway. We ate and exchanged gifts and then....Santa came for the kids! It was a big suprise! Now, most kids are afraid of Santa at this age, but not Brighton. He loooves Santa. When my mother in law took him to the mall to see Santa, he cried when she had to move him so the other kids could have a turn. And he loved Santa tonight. He was in like every picture because he stood right by Santa the whole time. Although he did suck on the candy cane the whole time he was in Santa's lap...oh well. It was still really cute and special. Then we played Battle of the Sexes. It was great. It's also nice to have a phone that has the internet, that connects to google...otherwise I wouldn't have known whick ESPN guy was famous for saying BOOYA....Stuart Scott BTW. So it was a really fun night and I'm glad I went. Mitchel andI are notorious for skipping out of social events.

So if my video ever gets done uploading (if you are reading this, it did) I will post this blog and go to sleep.

That white elephant thing was fun. Maybe I'll post a give away on my blog and find stuff around my house to give you and then you can exchange it for something better on someone elses might work. I know my friend Beki has some cool stuff!

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Kevin Diemer said...

I like how Santa didn't give him a candy cane so he just jacked one out of the box!