Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ugh...I have lost my voice. And actually it's been like 2 weeks already! I'm done with it. I have to answer phones all day long and it's not helping matters. I passed my sickness along to my dad and my father in law. Brighton and Mitchel have been spared for now. So that's all i have towrite for now. Sorry its not to interesting right now. I hope this weekend will be fun. We are going to Inter Faith Ministries to serve lunch to some really interesting people. Last month there was this older man in an electric chair and he kept picking up Brighton. I was kind of nervous at first because the man was kind of shaking as he picked him up, but Brighton loved him! He played with the man's keys around his neck and pointed to his ears and mouth. It was so great to watch and i think Brighton brightened up the man's day a bit.
Honestly I am a little afraid of homeless people, but everyone we met was super nice and fun to talk with and get to know. Brighton won't be going with us this time, but I'm still looking forward to going and serving.

We are also hopefully going out to look at christmas lights too. It may be too cold though. And then on Sunday we are going to Mitchel's company christmas party.

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Annie said...

I can understand the nervousness you feel about homeless people. I think it is wonderful that you take Brighton. He gets to learn how to love them like Christ would through your example!
I hope you make some great memories there :)

And feel better my friend! That is so not fun to have a sore throat and no voice :(