Friday, December 4, 2009


This week Brighton visited Santa twice!

Last friday night (the day after thanksgiving) we all went to the Illuminations at Botanica Gardens and we stopped by to see Santa. The line wasn't too long so i figured it would be ok for him and not feel rushed. The helper lady gave him a candy cane and I sat him on Santa's lap, but Brighton was more interested in the candy cane that looking at the camera or Santa so here's the picture from that...actually it posted above the text ok....

Then my mother in law took little B to see Santa at the mall. I asked her to. I was kinda worried that he'd be scared because he had no candy cane to distract him, but Kendall said he did really well. He walked right up to Santa and started "talking" to him and then was sad when Kendall took him away so the next kid could go. Aww...poor little B so I will post the picture from the mall too, but who knows where it will post to.

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